Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems

What does the System comprise of :
The compact modular design allows the “hafi” Central Vacuum Cleaning System to be set up in almost 
any room with a minimum of area blockage.

The system comprise of :
a) Vacuum Generating Unit (Multistage Vacuum Exhauster)
b) Collecting Hopper (Filter-cum-Collection Chamber)
c) PVC Vacuum Line
d) Suction Inlet
e) Standard Accessories

a) Vacuum Generating Unit :
Comprising of Multistage Exhauster of latest design, coupled to a 10HP, 3Ph Motor and suitable star-delta starter. The entire assembly is mounted on rigid trolley for easy handling. The unit is connected to the Filter-cum-Collection Hopper.

b) Filter-cum-Collection Hopper :
The construction is proven design, eliminating the manual shaker mechanism design. The collection chamber is of 200 Ltrs. capacity. The Filter chamber is mounted inside the collection tank and the material is collected in the bag. 

c) PVC Vacuum Line :
The best quality PVC Pipes and Fittings are used to enable simple, speedy assembly of Vacuum Line network requiring no special tools or flanges. The PVC Lines are laid in parallel rows running across the 
width of the room. Two or three such rows are connected to a single collection hopper to form an independent vacuum circuit. Each circuit has sufficient suitably designed suction inlets.

d) Suction Inlets:
Designed to be kept in closed conditions and is opened only at the time of cleaning operation. If a particular inlet is to be used, the flap is raised and the hose connection is inserted into the suction inlet and arrested place by the ‘O’ ring Assembly. In this manner, you have a flexible hose at your disposal for vacuum cleaning. Normally, all the suction inlets remain closed. As and when cleaning operation is to be carried out suction inlet flap is to be opened and suction pipe is inserted into the inlet. At a time you can use two suction inlets for cleaning. 

e) Standard Accessories :
These are tools to enhance the utility of the vacuum cleaning system. The standard accessories are :

1. PVC Flexible hose assembly, which permits you to extend the vacuum line to any point that you desire.
2. The extension pipe enhances reach and allows to work in a comfortable posture.
3. The Rectangular Brush, which can be used for removal of dust, fluff & granules from large areas, 
    such as walls, floors etc.,
* 4. The Round Brush, which is used for cleaning small and delicate parts.
* 5. The Flat Nozzle is useful to clean intricate areas.
* 6. The Floor Cleaning Attachment is ideal for cleaning floors.


1. Practically unlimited application in all Industries.
2. Increased productivity due to faster cleaning and therefore, less machine downtime.
3. Strong Suction and High Suction Capacity.: Even great quantity of voluminous fly and dust are sucked
    up and collected in the central container. Oily, sticky fly is also removed easily from all the machine 
    parts and floors. 
4. Reduced wear on production machines due to quick, thorough cleaning.
5. No blocking of aisles with bulky mobile vacuuming devices, no accident risk from electric cables 
    on the floor.
6. Better conditions for workers because of reduced dust content in room air. Whirling up health-endangering
    dust particles with blasts of compressed air are avoided.
7. Improved working conditions for cleaners.
8. The large filter/collecting drum with 200 Liters. Capacity provides the advantage of long cleaning 
    intervals without time consuming intermediate emptying.
9. High vacuuming capacity at each plug-in connection. Maximum suction capacity is always available at
    every suction port. For cleaning, the suction hose is simply inserted in the nearest connection.
10. Even difficult, often unpleasant cleaning tasks can be carried out simply, quickly and neatly.
11. Users can select from a variety of accessories – hoses, floor- vacuuming attachments, 
      vacuum brushes, etc. according to individual need.
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Centralized Vacuum Cleaning
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